Elevate your car washing experience with GreenX Shampoo & Foam, the ultimate eco-friendly solution that combines luxurious suds, exceptional cleaning power, and a commitment to sustainability. Our innovative formula is free from volatile solvents, making it safe for your vehicle and the environment.

Why choose GreenX Shampoo & Foam?

Exceptional Suds: GreenX Shampoo & Foam creates a rich lather of thick suds, ensuring thorough coverage and a gentle wash that encapsulates dirt, leaving your vehicle's surface spotless.

Biodegradable Formula: Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our formulation. GreenX Shampoo & Foam is readily and anaerobically biodegradable, meeting stringent environmental standards (following OECD 301 B and OECD 311 respectively). This means you can wash your car with confidence, knowing that you're making a green choice.

Superior Cold Water Performance: GreenX Shampoo & Foam is designed to excel even in cold water, making it suitable for all seasons. Enjoy superior cleaning results without the need for warm water.

  • Thick suds and excellent cleaning power, very good degreasing properties
  • No volatile solvents used
  • Formulation has the primary benefit to be readily and anaerobically biodegradable (following the OECD 301 B and OECD 311 respectively)
  • Superior performance at low temperature cleaning

How to Use:

Manual Bucket Wash (1:200 Dilution):

Fill a bucket with water, and add GreenX Shampoo & Foam at a 1:200 dilution ratio (approximately 25 ml per 5 liters of water).

Use a soft sponge or mitt to lather up the shampoo and apply it to your vehicle's surface.

Gently wash your vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing your sponge or mitt frequently.

Rinse your vehicle thoroughly with water to reveal a clean, streak-free shine.

Foam Lance Application (1:5 Dilution):

Fill the foam lance reservoir with GreenX Shampoo & Foam at a 1:5 dilution ratio (approximately 200 ml of product per 1 liter of water).

Attach the foam lance to your pressure washer.

Apply the foaming solution evenly to your vehicle's surface, starting from the top and working your way down.

Allow the foam to dwell for a few minutes to encapsulate and lift dirt and grime, use a sponge or mitt if required.

Rinse your vehicle thoroughly with water, watching as the foam carries away contaminants, leaving your vehicle impeccably clean.

Experience the future of car washing with GreenX Shampoo & Foam, where uncompromising performance meets environmental responsibility, ensuring your vehicle stays brilliantly clean while respecting the planet.

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GreenX Shampoo & Foam

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