Revitalize your vehicle with GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover the ultimate eco-friendly solution that leaves your car looking brand new. Unlike conventional products, our innovative formula doesn't rely on alkalinity or solvents, making it gentle on your vehicle's finish and the environment.

Why choose GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover?

Powerful Cleaning: GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover boasts impressive cleaning properties that can tackle even the most stubborn grime and insect residue. With its touchless cleaning capabilities, you can enjoy outstanding results without the need for scrubbing or mechanical effort.

Plant-Based Surfactants: We take pride in using plant-based, green surfactants in our formula. These natural ingredients not only provide exceptional cleaning power but also reduce the environmental impact of your car care routine.

  • Very good cleaning properties, non-mechanical, touchless cleaning is possible and delivers outstanding results
  • Cleaning power is not based on alkalinity
  • Solvent free formulation
  • Plant based, green surfactants used


How to Use:

Apply GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover evenly to the surface of your car, paying extra attention to areas with insect residue or stubborn stains.

Allow the product to dwell for a maximum of 5 minutes, but do not let it dry on the surface.

Rinse your car thoroughly with water, ensuring all traces of GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover are removed.

Experience the future of car care with GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover and make every drive a green and clean journey. 

Content 5 liter

GreenX Prewash & Insect Remover

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Content 5 liter
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