Elevate your driving experience with GreenX Glass Cleaner, the eco-conscious choice for achieving crystal-clear, streak-free glass surfaces in your car. Our formula is specially crafted to tackle dirt and grime without relying on harsh solvents or alcohol, ensuring a safe and effective clean for your vehicle's windows and mirrors.

Why choose GreenX Glass Cleaner?

Alcohol and Solvent-Free: Unlike traditional glass cleaners that may contain alcohol and solvents, GreenX Glass Cleaner is free from these harsh chemicals, making it safe for you and your car's glass surfaces.

Near-neutral pH: With a pH level of approximately 8, GreenX Glass Cleaner is almost pH neutral. This gentle formula effectively cuts through dirt and residue without causing damage to the glass or harming the environment.

Streak-Free Shine: Say goodbye to unsightly streaks and smudges. GreenX Glass Cleaner leaves your windows and mirrors streak-free, ensuring optimum visibility and a pristine finish.

Plant-Based Surfactants: We prioritize sustainability in our formulation, using plant-based, renewable stock surfactants. This eco-friendly choice not only cleans effectively but also reduces the environmental impact of your car care routine.

  • Free of solvents and alcohol
  • Almost pH neutral, with an pH of approx. 8
  • Streak free formulation
  • Built upon plant based, renewable stock surfactants

How to Use:

Ensure your car's glass surfaces are cool to the touch and free from loose debris.

Shake the GreenX Glass Cleaner bottle well before use.

Spray the cleaner directly onto the glass surface you want to clean.

Use a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe the glass in a circular or crisscross pattern. This ensures thorough cleaning and minimizes streaks.

For heavily soiled areas or stubborn residues, you can spray a second application of GreenX Glass Cleaner and repeat the cleaning process.

Inspect the glass for any remaining streaks or spots and touch up as needed.

Enjoy the crystal-clear, streak-free finish that GreenX Glass Cleaner delivers, enhancing your driving experience.

Experience the brilliance of GreenX Glass Cleaner – where clarity meets eco-friendliness, ensuring your car's windows and mirrors always shine with unmatched clarity and cleanliness.

Content 750 milliliter

GreenX Glass Cleaner

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Content 750 milliliter
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